Top 10 Candies to take to the Movies

Top 10 Candies to take to the Movies

Take a Theater Pack to Your Favourite Candy

The one thing that can make any movie even sweeter no matter the plot, is the addition of candy! Whether you're at home binge-watching the latest critically acclaimed series or seated at the movie theater behind someone's oversized head. An over-sized Theater Box, filled with your favourite candy always makes any "blockbuster" that much more enjoyable, or tolerable! The candy is sometimes the most deserving of the leading role. Candy is always a memorable part of any movie! 
Here is our list of the Top 10 candies to take to the movies:

#1. Junior Mints Theater Box

 Junior Mints Candy Theater Packs

A refreshing and sweet treat that is the #1 selling candy at the movies. An old fashioned candy confection that always stirs up our taste buds with that intense, dark chocolate and peppermint taste. A retro candy since 1949 that was actually named after a Broadway musical. It's only fitting then, that Junior Mints are the perfect accompaniment (or date) to any movie. A refreshing and delectable peppermint that is covered with rich dark chocolate. If you plan on sharing, you might need two boxes! 

#2. Sugar Babies Candy Theater Box

Sugar Babies Candy Theater Box


This candy-coated caramel candy goes perfectly after some hot buttery popcorn! Sugar Babies are the sweet child of the "Sugar Daddy"  caramel lollipop. But this retro candy is easier and more convenient to eat, especially in public. The caramel is a milk caramel that is slow cooked and covered in a very thin caramel candy shell. It's like a double serving of caramel with two different textures. Sugar Babies Candy are smooth and delightful tasting, so chewy and very satisfying. A candy lovers indulgence, a bite-size taste of caramel candy bliss!

#3.Reese's Pieces Candy Theater Box

Reese's Pieces Candy Theater Packs

A peanut buttery middle that is surrounded in a crunchy delicious candy shell. Reese's Pieces Candy is a staple for every movie!  After all, they are E.T's most favourite candy. Apparently, some folks say, adding Reese's Pieces Candy to a bag of popcorn makes for an amazing combination. With or without a popcorn partner, Reese's Pieces are a retro candy that can stand alone any day. There is no other candy that compares to that smooth peanut butter middle and sweet candy crunch. A perfect pairing!

#4. Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Candy Theater Box

Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Candy Theater Box

Spice up any movie date with some Hot Tamales Candy! A sweet and spicy candy with the intense taste of cinnamon. Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Candy come with some heat and you may just find yourself shedding a tear. An especially good candy to eat during a tear-jerker so you can blame those tears on the hot candy! Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Candy are an old fashioned candy from the 1950's and are still a popular candy today. Add some spice and intoxicate your taste buds with the fierce cinnamon flavour of Hot Tamales! 

#5. Rasinets Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins Theater Box

Rasinets Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins Theater Box

Plump and juicy California Raisins that are covered in Nestle's rich milk chocolate makes everything that much sweeter! Raisinets Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins have been around since 1927, an old fashioned candy that makes for a classic movie time snack. This iconic candy has been poured out of the box by the handfuls, or directly from the box into the anticipating mouths of those craving this classic candy combination. Everything changes, but Raisnets Candy remain a number one movie time snack across theaters everywhere! Raisnets Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins seem to disappear fast, you might need two theater boxes of this candy!

#6. Everlasting Gobstopper Jawbreakers Theater Box

Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper Jawbreakers Theater Box

Layer upon delicious layer, this retro candy will be "everlasting" through any movie. The Everlasting Gobstopper Jawbreakers Theater Box is the perfect companion for any movie. Intense flavour that is long lasting, a sweet and delightful palate cleanser after all that salty popcorn. From the sweet genius himself, Willy Wonka (and also a box office star). Everlasting Gobstoppers are every bit of fun as they are "scrumpdillyicious". A retro candy with the magical, never-ending sweetness of Wonka!  Everlasting Gobstoppers Jawbreakers come in five fantastic, fruity flavours including:  Watermelon, Cherry, Orange, Lemon, and Grape.

#7. Good And Plenty Licorice Candy Theater Box

Good And Plenty Licorice Candy Theater Box

Since 1893, Good And Plenty Licorice Candy have graced the open hands and hungry mouths of many candy lovers everywhere! A top choice when it comes to that authentic black licorice flavour. With a black licorice center that is coated with pink and white candied shells, you get a perfect light crunch in every morsel of Good And Plenty. A great sidekick for any movie, ideal for sharing, but be sure to get "plenty". They mysteriously seem to vanish quite fast, especially in a dark theatre. Good And Plenty are that good!

#8. Milk Duds Candy Theater Box

Milk Duds Candy Theater Box

Even if the movie turns out to be a "dud", your candy doesn't have to be! Milk Duds Candy Theater Box makes for an irresistible movie time snack, actually any time snack! If you happen to be watching a scary movie be careful not to get so scared that the Milk Duds go flying out of the box! You can't afford to miss any delectable morsels of this retro candy! A chewy and creamy delicious caramel middle that is covered in milk chocolate. Milk Duds Candy gives you caramel and chocolate, all in one candy. It's a double serving of pure and exquisite mouthwatering enjoyment!

#9. Mike And Ike Original Fruits Candy Theater Box


A refreshing and fruity confection, Mike And Ike Original Fruits Candy make for a chewy and yummy movie time candy! A favourite candy of many since it's release in 1940. This old fashioned candy is made with real fruit juice, giving it an even more intense and fruity taste! Mike And Ike Original Fruits Candy in a Theater Box come in five extreme, super fruity flavours including Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Lime, and Strawberry. Try them all! The Mike And Ike Candy Collection comes in a variety of fun flavours, sure to excite every candy lover around, even during the most boring movie! 

#10. Nestle Buncha Crunch Theater Box


A crunchy and delicious chocolatey candy treat that makes a great dessert after all that salty popcorn! Nestle Buncha Crunch is an ideal candy for an enticing movie. The added crunch seems to make any drama that much more intense! Crispy rice bits that are generously smothered in rich milk chocolate, Buncha Crunch has loads of delightful texture and taste. This crunch is deliciously addictive, you'll definitely have the urge to munch on tons of this candy! Be prepared if you plan on sharing, and have extra. The roller coaster of emotions that a good chick flick can induce will make you extra hungry! Nestle Buncha Crunch Theater Box makes a fantastic indulgence.

Indulge in a Box of Movie Time Candy

Candy in a Theater Box is a great way to get that extra amount of candy you love to eat!  Whether you're watching a movie or not, it's always a great time for some candy! Make some fun new memories with our Candy Theater Boxes. They're award-winning and most definitely, Oscar-worthy!

Every Candy Aisle needs a Theater Box Section

Every Candy Aisle needs a Theater Box Section

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