The Role of Candy on a Holiday (Any Holiday)

The Role of Candy on a Holiday (Any Holiday)

Here in Canada, as it is for much of the world, there is no doubt that a Holiday signifies celebration. Whether for Christmas season, Valentine’s Day, or even for Canada Day, your customer is looking for sweet treats to celebrate, and is here to support with your wholesale candy in Canada.

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The seasons change, and accordingly, so do customers’ preferences – for example, customers are attracted to the Cadbury Egg when Easter-time rolls around, as much as seeing the iconic package of Lifesavers Candy Holiday Storybooks as soon as Fall begins, signifying Christmas gift-giving season has begun.

It’s up to retailers to adjust their wholesale candy stock in order to attract purchasing interest. This will keep your customers coming back to see “what’s new”, as well as to pick up their favourites. Display and layout plays a big role in the success of your candy sales, and it’s important to modify your store’s colour scheme to signify a new celebration is coming.

Statistics show that 40% of Canadians consume candy at least three times per week, while 28% will unwrap a sweet treat daily. That’s a lot of candy, a lot of candy shopping, and a good opportunity to profit at key times when the consumer is looking to spend.

For many retailers, 2020 has signified a decrease in sales of many items, from clothing to sporting goods, from shoes to makeup sales, however candy makes the list of items they are not willing to give up on. Customers are looking for treats, special gifts to cheer others up, easy purchases or “no-brainers”, something-candy for everyone, and comforts in general – all of which candy plays a big role in. The time to spruce up candy sales is now and constant, regardless of the holiday that is approaching, and there are many new items they have probably not heard of yet.

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A steady supply of customer’s favourites is a must, combined with new items such as the Twix Cookies & Creme, KitKat Duos Mint & Dark Chocolate or Apple Pie flavours, Cow Tales Chocolate Brownie Candy by Goetze’s, and one of the all-time favourites, M&M’s in their new Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies, wrapped up in the convenient Theatre Box. has got them all for you, check out the latest HERE.

When’s the best time to order your supply for Valentine’s Day? Plan ahead, don’t fall short, order quickly, order NOW.  Our team of candy experts is standing by to help you profit this coming Holiday season, and every holiday here forward.

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