The Rise in Snack Sales

The Rise in Snack Sales

We all enjoy snacking, and especially here in Canada, we ranked seventh in the worldwide snack market. iWholesaleCandy knows we’re impressive snackers who love their sweet and savoury treats, selling over $6.5 billion dollars worth of them.

This year especially, it almost feels like we “need” our snacks, and sales are showing it – this is why:


We’re working from home

Challenges for the past year have pushed shops to close down and have their staff work safely from home.

Working from home can make some of us feel more anxious, rather than relaxed, as we adapt to using new technologies, balancing work schedules with family and their respecting spaces. For others it’s the opposite: We’re more relaxed and also may feel more ‘deserving’ so we’re going for the snack department at the local store or market, and indulging in energy bars, salty snacks, crunchy delights and anything that will help satisfy our day (and perhaps make it go by faster?). iWholesaleCandy shares:

Favourite snacks for working-from-homer's include David’s Sweet & Salty sunflower seeds; Nestlé’s Buncha Crunch Theatre Box snacks; M&M’s Pretzel Chocolate Candies; Andy Capp’s BBQ Fries; and Kit-Kat Duos, such as the Mint + Dark Chocolate bars.



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We’re busier than ever

We’ve become multitaskers who balance work, family, school, and extracurricular activities (whether in person or online). Not only that, but we balance those same things for our spouses and children – plus shopping, cleaning, and hopefully somewhere in between, some sort of respite. This is where snacking comes in: As a pick-me-up and fill-me-up while running around, as a break in the middle of the day, and as an indulgence or ‘stress dessert’ after a wound-up day.

Favourite snacks for busy folks include filling and satisfying candy bars such as Snickers, Mars, and Reese’s Nutrageous, plus more slow and mellow indulgences like Good & Plenty Licorice candies, and maybe some soothing memory-filled retro candies like Haribo Gold Bears Gummi candy.

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These are stressful and challenging times, and we all need a break during the day and after, to remind us that YES it’s all worth it! iWholesale candy has definitely experienced a surge in sales, and this is because, as a wholesale candy bulk sale online supplier, we are able to provide insight to the best candies to order online to boost sales in the next few months and beyond.

Are you feeling the snack sales surge? We’d appreciate your comments below. Why do you think there’s a sales surge in snacks?


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