Making March Break Happen

Making March Break Happen

Yes, times may have (temporarily) changed, but people generally have not. They are still looking to celebrate the 'special times of year' and you are there to help them do just that. 

March Break has long been a time for families to reunite: Kids were off school for a whole week, young adult University or College attendees fly back home to spend time with the family, and many parents worked to make their March Break vacation to coincide. 

For many, it was a time to fly somewhere south and take a break from the cold. Now, and as our shopping experience changes, we are pondering what will this March Break look like? The iWholesale Candy team and favourite candy bulk  provider suggests "Making March Break Happen". 

This will actually be a good opportunity for retailers, as people will be enjoying the "Stay-cation" – a chance to stay at home and celebrate with those we love, while staying safe in our own nest. It's will all be about how the retailer approaches it, and how they suggest the consumer make the best of their spending dollar. Here are some iWholesale Candy suggestions you can dress up your outlet with, and in turn empower your customer to one of the following candy ideas for March Break:

Saying "Welcome Home" with candy:

Prepare a small gift basket display for your customers to buy so they can gift their school-aged students as a gift. Make sure you fill it with colourful treats that they will enjoy through the Stay-cation March Break event. They will be able to decorate their homes with streamers and balloons, and give each of their children a Welcome Home basket. Instant smile!

Plan a March Break "Summer Camp":

For parents with smaller kids, they can plan a mock "Summer Camp" where kids will be dressed in shorts and t-shirts, and drink lemonade, Tang, Kool-Aid, and all those delicious drinks they are not usually entitled to have. Suggest they can plan a special outing per day on a hike, to come home and enjoy their favourite treats.

March Break "Crafty Time" Week:

This is good for any age, as many children and adults enjoy crafting – either learning something new or making the time to do something they don't usually get the time to do: Sew, paint, cook, do some woodworking... And what better than to intertwine candy into the crafty-time creations? 

Remember: As the retailer, YOU are their inspiration for your customer. They come to you looking to buy a particular candy, but it will be up to you to suggest ideas for them, and entice them to try the [NEW CANDY] they can enjoy. Make this March Break idea an important one for them!

They will be thankful and come back as a loyal customer... Because sometimes growing loyalty takes time and energy, and as a retailer, you can reap the rewards of being their "favourite store"!

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