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Top 40 Iconic Candy Brands We Love: Part 4

Our Final Must-Have Popular Candy Brands

Make your customers' mouths water with our most loved popular candy brands!  

From Kidsmania novelty candy to the twisted deliciousness of Twizzlers licorice and candy, this concludes our top 40 most iconic candy brands that you should keep stocked on your candy store shelves!


Mike and Ike Candy

 Mike and Ike Original Fruits Chewy Candy Retro Theater Box throwback candies Just Born Inc

Mike and Ike had their sweet candy debut in 1940. Made by a company called Just Born Inc. that was located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

This retro candy originally featured cute little characters on each Mike and Ike package. No one really knows where this iconic duo came from, but many speculate that they were fashioned after a popular early 1900s comic strip by Rube Goldberg, "Mike and Ike (They Look Alike)."

Retro comic strip Mike and Ike They Look Alike vintage cartoon

Coming in oblong shapes, with a likeness to a jelly bean texture, Mike and Ike began with their original assorted fruit flavours . In 1973, Mike and Ike came out with their fun new flavour, an all grape candy called Jolly Joes, which became extremely popular. Over the years the Mike and Ike have introduced many new mixes with tropical fruit flavours, sour candy, and even individual flavours.

Some of our favourites of this nostalgic candy are the Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sour, and the limited editions of Mike and Ike Root Beer Float Candy, and Mike and Ike Cotton Candy.

With a wide variety of the Mike and Ike candy collection, you're sure to enjoy this fun to eat treat in your favourite flavour!


Bazooka Candy Brands

 Bazooka Candy Brands Ring Pop Push Pop Baby Bottle Pop Garbage Candy Juicy Drop Pop retro 90s candy

Bazooka Candy Brands was first known for its iconic bubble gum from 1947. This retro bubble gum has always been too good to stick under your desk, with the perfect elastic consistency for blowing giant tasty bubbles!

Candy legend has it that Bazooka bubble gum was modeled after the radio comedian Bob Burns who used to play a homemade instrument made of two pipes and a funnel. Throughout the years, the brand has gone back and forth with its mini original comic strips, first featuring Bob Burns, then their character Bazooka Joe.

Besides being a number one selling bubble gum Bazooka Candy Brands is known for a heck of a lot more than just gum! Check our some of their most sought-after candies below.

  • Push Pop: The Push Pop is a sweet fruity cylindrical lollipop that can be conveniently stowed away in its tube package to save for later... or to conceal its surprisingly sharp point that children often fashion from this unassuming candy!
  • Ring Pop: The best bling you could ask for, the Ring Pop is a true novelty candy gem that features a rhinestone carved lollipop sat atop a plastic ring for the ultimate candy accessory with everlasting nostlagia.
  • Baby Bottle Pop: We can still hear the iconic jingle of this popular candy brand! The Baby Bottle Pop is a novelty candy with a bottle-top shaped lollipop that you lick and dip into the sweet tangy candy powder that the functioning bottle contains.
  • Juicy Drop Pop: This is the Bazooka candy that features liquified candy that you can squeeze onto a fruity lollipop for a sopping slick sweet!


The novelty candy from this popular candy brand was uber popular in the 90s and early 2000s, and the continued innovations to these products by Bazooka Brands continues to make them staple novelty candy for kids and adults alike to this day!



 Kinder Ferrero Chocolate Brand European Milk Chocolate

The genius coupling of chocolate and surprise toys is nothing short of sweet, which the family-owned Ferrero Company knows very well!

Kinder Surprise Eggs were introduced in the small town of Alba, Italy, in 1968 by William Salice and Michele Ferrero of the namesake company. They were inpired by the old Italian tradition of gifting children huge chocolate eggs with toys inside for Easter. After appearing in North America in 1974, since their launch, it's estimated that there have been over 30 Billion sold worldwide!

Of all Ferrero's Kinder creations, we think the epitome of Ferrero chocolate is the Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream, a crunchy cute hippo biscuit generously filled with a rich milk hazelnut cream and chocolate center. The Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bar is a similar must-try treat that is set apart by a luscious chocolate coating.

Give your customers the very sweetest surprise with this true "treat for the imagination," the delectable and entertaining Kinder Chocolate!

FUN FACT: Over 8000 different surprise toys have filled Kinder Eggs over the years, and every year they add 100 new toys!

 Kinder Surprise Eggs Toys Vintage Collectibles retro Ferrero brand

Kit Kat

 Kit Kat Original Milk Chocolate Wafer bar retro chocolate Nestle Canada

Help your chocolate-loving customers to catch a "break" with the acclaimed Kit Kat Chocolate bar! As one of the most recognizable bars in the world, it's a chocolate necessity in every candy store!

We can thank our friends in England for starting the famous Kit Kat! This was first known as Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp, then in 1937 the name changed to what we know and love today, Kit Kat!

After this name change, it became one of the most popular chocolate bars in all of England! After many advertising campaigns, three years later the Kit Kat became an international sensation! From 1940-to 1950, this beloved chocolate bar certainly had its place in the sun! Making its way around the world and into our hungry mouths!

We can thank Donald Giles for the catchy slogan that is still used today, " Have a break. Have a Kit Kat." This slogan has been in existence since 1957! Besides the name, this phrase is recognizable across the world!

The Kit Kat bar is enjoyed and loved all across the globe but one country, in particular, has a keen love for the Kit Kat Bar! That country is Japan. In Japan, there are over 200 variations of this bar. It's a hot commodity there, some Japanese Kit Kat is available here in Canada but not all of their unique flavours. Some of the interesting and flavours are, the Potato Kit Kat, Grape Mousse Kit Kat, Corn Kit Kat, they even have a Soy Sauce flavoured Kit Kat!

Our variations in Canada started in 1990 when they introduced an Orange Kit Kat followed by the Chunky bar which still exists! The most popular Kit Kat Chocolate Bar is the classic four fingers! Some new flavours that we adore right now are the Kit Kat Duos Mocha, Kit Kat Gooey Salted Caramel, Kit Kat Mint and Dark Chocolate.  

Take your customers on a Kit Kat voyage across the world and check out the whole Kit Kat Collection! Where we feature Japanese Kit Kat bars and also Australian flavours! Try them all and expand your Kit Kat tastebuds!

Kit Kat Chocolatorey chocolate laboratory Yorkville Mall Toronto Ontario Canada


Kidsmania Novelty Candy 90's throwback retro candy brand toilet plunger candy

Have you ever wanted to play with your food? 

With Kidsmania it's a sweet reality! After all they really do "Put the fun in munch"! 

This novelty candy has been around since the 1960s.

Initially this company was a plastic toy manufacturer distributing it's toys worldwide. The kidsmania idea of combining the toy and the candy came to be in 1996!

The world of candy had never seen anything quite like the Kidsmania line! Offering its customers a unique and interactive candy experience. Not to mention, a genius way to perhaps subside any whining child, or adult for that matter! 

Kidsmania has ever so successfully placed itself as a leader in the toy and candy industry. It's sweet supply of the toy candy combo reaches Asia, Europe,

and all of North America! Giving us some of the most innovative candy and toys on the market!

With over 100 different candy/toy items in the Kidsmania collection, you can bet there's something for everyone! Some of the most popular combos include, cars, gumball dispencers, vending machines, basketball hoops, animals, aliens and emoji's. Just to name a few!

Offer your customers the entire Kidsmania collection! They'll get their candy fix and have a toy for later! These plastic toys are also refillable so they can be enjoyed time and time again!

Among the most popular are the Kidsmania Flash Pops, Kidsmania Sour Sneaky Stardust Bubblegum and our personal fav. the Kidsmania Wacky Monkey! The novelty of candy and a toy never gets old for any of us! tTust me, this wacky monkey will entertain you and your customers for hours! 


Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate bar with Nougat retro chocolate brand

With its distinctive triangular-shaped wedges, this old-fashioned chocolate is pure indulgence! Entice your chocolate craving customers with Toblerone, some of the finest chocolate you could ever sink those pearly whites into!

Since its sweet debut in 1908, Toblerone has always been known for its unique shape not to mention its very exquisite taste! 

Sweetly created by Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler of Switzerland. The name Toblerone is a combination of Theodor Tobler's name and "Terrone" which is the Italian word for nougat.

We've established that this bar is miraculously delicious, but why the triangular shape?

 Well, as Candy legend has it Theodor Tobler was in complete awe of the majestic Matterhorn mountain which is Switzerlands most famous mountain peaks. Makes perfect sense, but besides speculating about the shape we know this acclaimed Chocolate bar is simply divine tasting!

Give your customers the excellence they deserve with Tolberone! As the slogan states, "Make time for Tolberone. Pure Chocolate. Pure emotion. Moments of timeless pleasure. Yesssss! Offer your customers those moments!

Lifesavers Candy

Lifesavers Life Savers Candy rolls gummy circles retro brand butter rum

If you want your candy section to be a "hole" lotta fun you most definitely need this quintessential, old-fashioned candy! 

Thought of by Clarence Crane, who was originally a chocolate maker but was tired of his delicious chocolate creations melting in the sun. He was looking for a heat-proof candy! He had the brilliant idea for this "hole" in the middle candy Lifesavers in 1912. When Clarence first came up with this candy, it was made as a minty type candy; this was the Pep-O-mint flavour. His clever slogan was "For that stormy breath," how fitting as Lifesavers have a nautical theme!

This lasted approximately one year as Clarence Crane soon sold the rights to businessman Edward J. Noble who was convinced that he could make this brand explode! Over the next 12 years, Edward and his partners grew Lifesavers into a million-dollar corporation. Which at the time was huge!

This sale of ownership changed Lifesavers forever! Edward came up with the roll style of packaging and added some fruity flavours to the mix! The original Lifesaver Candy in 195 consisted of five flavours Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Orange and Pineapple. These sold for 5 cents a roll and were hugely popular among all candy lovers. However, the magical year for this old-fashioned candy was 1938. The most famous flavour of all arrived on the candy scene! That being the Lifesavers Butter Rum flavour, which remains a favourite all these years later!

Lifesavers candy has expanded over the years, even changing the hard candy into a yummy gummy candy! The Lifesavers Gummies Exotic Candies are a delicious and toothsome experience! Comes in the "exotic" flavours of Lemon Star Fruit, Mandarin Orange, Asian Pear, Fuji Apple and Raspberry Dragon Fruit. Also wildly popular is the Lifesavers Candy from Australia! The Lifesaver Fruit Pastilles are bursting with exclusive flavours from Australia! These include Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Lime, and Black Currant. 

Give your customers a "hole" bunch of deliciousness with the Lifesavers Candy collection!

Adams and Brooks

Adams and Brooks Inc Whirly Pop Mini Unicorn Lollipops retro original candy brand candy art

Famous since 1932! No one makes Lollipops like Adams and Brooks! Add some fun and colourful pizzas to your store!

These two fellas were longtime friends who eventually went into the candy biz together. It all started when Emmert Brooks picked up Paul Adams on the side of the road, seriously! These two gentlemen struck up a friendship that would span over decades upon meeting! Emmert found himself out of work after the depression, and one day he recalled his new best friend Paul Adams had the very best recipe for caramel corn he had ever tasted! Emmert had the sweet idea of selling this caramel popcorn with his best friend, Paul. 

These two dynamic friends decided that going into business together would be a fantastic venture, and it was. Adams and Brooks sold their famous caramel corn to patrons outside movie theatres and passengers awaiting tickets at kiosks. They had tremendous success until movie theatres began to sell their popcorn. It was back to the drawing board for these two!

During a fair in 1948, the two were concessionaires, but this time they weren't selling caramel popcorn. Instead, they had successfully made and sold Butter Toffee Nuts. These two buds had made a name for themselves. They had a knack for working crowds, and their candy relations were delicious!

Eventually, Adams and Brooks branched out to many more famous candy products! They are acclaimed for their delicious and colourful lollipops. Like the Whirly Pop and the very magical Unicorn Pop! Together they created the Good News Candy Bars, the Cup-Of-Gold, and the Big Cherry among their candy success! 

Adams and Brooks are a family-owned company and have operated this way for over three generations! Talk about a sweet endeavour! 

Fill your store with the colourful and whimsical lollipops by Adams and Brooks! These lollipops are beautiful, intriguing and delicious! Your customers will feel like a kid in a candy store!


Ganong retro vintage Canadian Candy brand chicken bones cinnamon hard candy with chocolate cocoa centre

Impress your customers with this Canadian favourite! They'll love this old-fashioned candy and chocolate and taste our very own sweet Canadian history! 

This sweet brand Ganong was started in 1873, in St. Stephens New Brunswick. Two brothers decided to open a small grocery store. In the beginning, they had imagined household goods would be their specialty. They thought they could focus on a household staple, such as soap and it would put them on the map. However, things changed dramatically when these two brothers decided on bringing candy into their shop. This move, surprisingly to them, would take them to a whole new level of success and popularity.

James and Gilbert Ganong gave us the very first chocolate bar! This was in thanks to Arther Ganong who was a self-proclaimed chocolate addict.

In 1917 he became the president of Ganong and while he had lots of duties he was most known for eating 2-3 pounds of chocolate every day!!! He wanted a way that he could carry his beloved chocolate with him while on the go.

He met up with a man by the name of George Ensor and together they created the first wrapped chocolate bar! There was nothing like this on the market at the time and as we well know, the chocolate bar became a wildly popular success for Ganong!

This bar is the Pal-O Mine chocolate bar! Consisting of rich fudge, coconut and a peanut middle that is then smothered in Ganong's finest dark chocolate! The everlasting deliciousness of the Pal-O-Mine is still widely consumed and loved to this very day!

What would Ganong be without the famous Ganong Chicken Bones? These hot pink glossy candies are a part of our Canadian Candy history! With a hard candy exterior that sweetly stings with its spicy and bold cinnamon flavour until you are met with the inside. The middle of the Chicken Bone candy is filled with soft, bittersweet chocolate. Seems like an odd pairing at first, but this duo is nothing short of delicious and remains a top-selling Canadian Candy!

Complete your candy store with the exceptional taste of Ganong's old fashioned candy! They remain a staple in the sweet world of candy. 

They even have a museum that is housed in the original old factory!

The Ganong's Chocolate factory is thriving as it has from the very start! Located at One Chocolate Drive in the town of St, Stephens New Brunswick that is actually registered as Canada's Chocolate Town! Yes, friends, it's a sweet destination!


Twizzlers original red black licorice twists pull n peel filled bites nibs nibz retro candy brand 90s throwback

Your customers would love to get tangled up in some Twizzlers Licorice! Make it a sweet reality with the long and lovely Twizzlers Candy! 

Twizzlers Licorice got its sweet start way back, like way, way back in1845!!! Two candy-making men named Young and Smylie set up shop in Brooklyn, New York.

They had a special knack for making delicious licorice candy. People came from far and wide for their licorice and were sought out for this specialty. In 1902 they decided to merge with two other licorice companies turning them into what was once called The National Licorice Company, then changed their company again to Y&S Candies, until finally they were bought by Hershey's in 1977.

Although it seems as far back as we remember Twizzlers Licorice was always a thing but it wasn't until the 1960s that this red licorice really hit the candy scene. It was one of the very first red licorice flavours available! Up until then "licorice" only implied black licorice made from authentic licorice root.

Besides the classic red and twisted rope-like licorice, Twizzlers has some amazing variations now available. Your customers would love to get all tangled up in the Twizzlers Pull and Peel Licorice. A fun and delicious cherry-flavoured licorice that you can play with too!

In recent years Twizzlers has added some gummy candy to their collection. Like the Twizzlers Gummies Tangy Tongue Twisters and the Twizzlers Gummies Sweet Tongue Twisters.

They also have a delicious and long-lasting scented candle so you can relish in that yummy Twizzlers aroma all day!

Complete your candy section with the fresh and delightful taste of Twizzlers Candy!

The End of National Candy Month!

Thanks for following us along on this deliciously sweet journey through candy land's most must-have Candy Brands! 

We hope you're continuously inspired to provide your customers with only the very best and most iconic candy brands!

Did we miss any of your top-selling brands? We'd love to hear from you, let us know!

Until then, happy candy-eating!

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