Top 40 Iconic Popular Candy Brands We Love: Part 3 National Candy Month June

Top 40 Iconic Candy Brands We Love: Part 3

Don't miss out on these popular candy brands for your store.

In celebration of National Candy Month this June, we're back with more of iconic popular candy brands that will make your candy store irresistibly sweet! 

From the charming nostalgia of old-fashioned candy to the sting of sour candy, find out why these products are essential to your candy section.

Make sure you check out Part 1 & Part 2 of our delicious selections before you read Part 3 below!


Hershey's Chocolate

hershey's chocolate candy popular candy brands

We have no doubt that this popular candy brand has cured many sweet tooth cravings of your hungry customers!

The Hersheys chocolate bar is often referred to as "The Great American Chocolate Bar," and though it began in 1900, it's still a number one choice for chocolate lovers over 100 years later! In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Milton S. Hershey was greatly inspired to make this chocolate bar by German-made chocolate machinery used at the Worlds Colombian Expedition in Chicago.

The very first Hershey's product was a plain milk chocolate bar which made an otherwise extravagant item affordable to the general population. In 1907 the famous Hershey's Kiss was born, which we know is an integral Hershey's chocolate product. Now, Hersheyland is where many amazing other popular candy brands call home, like Twizzlers, Reeses, Kit Kat, and Jolly Rancher (some iconic brands mentioned in Part 2)!

Besides the first old-fashioned milk chocolate bar, we have many other popular candy bar picks, like the decadent Skor bar, the oh-so-crunchy, Oh Henry candy bar, Whatchamacallit bar, and the York Peppermint Patty! The list goes on and on with quality Hershey's chocolate!

FUN FACT: You're not inventing it- there is a reason that you may believe Hershey's chocolate tastes different!  Milton Hershey actually created the patented "Hershey Process", which is a trade secret as this is still their tried and true chocolate production method used today!


Sour Punch Straws

sour punch straws sour candy popular candy brands

This is a "Sour Punch" square in your tastebuds that you'll actually enjoy!

The exciting sour candy, Sour Punch Straws arrived in the 1990s from the American Licorice Company by Noah Nawaz. Little did he know that his delightfully sour candy invention would become an instant hit among candy lovers everywhere!

The fun of Sour Punch Straws is not only the sweet and sour flavours and sugary coating but their fun and flexible shapes. Among some of our most loved flavours are the Sour Punch Straws Rainbow, Blue Sour Punch Straws, and the Sour Punch Bites Fan Favourites.

The Sour Punch Straws contain explosive sour, sweet and tangy intensity and are a must-have for your sour candy section!


Chupa Chups Lollipops

chupa chups lollipops popular candy brand

Chupa Chups Lollipops were a creation of Spanish inventor Enric Bernat in 1958. (Chupar is the Spanish word meaning "suck"). However, this was a replacement of the strange original name, Gol, meaning "soccer ball". We get it, a lollipop kinda looks like a soccer ball... but we're glad he changed his mind!

The gorgeous Chupa Chups logo was designed by famous surrealist artist Salvadore Dali in 1969. Strategically, this famous logo is only ever placed on the top of the lollipop wrapper so it can always be recognized!


Salvador Dali famous spanish painter designed the chupa chups lollipops candy logo

Over the years we've sucked our way through many remarkably delicious Chupa Chups lollipops, but it's agreed upon that the best most memorable flavour is Strawberries and Cream. This is among the seven original flavours: strawberry, orange, lemon, chocolate and vanilla, coffee, and cream and mint; but now they have created over 100 unique flavours!

Chupa Chups has other dreamy and delicious products like

Truly a forever fun retro candy, you need Chupa Chups Lollipops in your life!


Big League Chew Bubble Gum

big league chew bubble gum popular candy brands

This bubble gum is sure to be a home run every time! Portland Mavericks pitcher Rob Nelson thought of this creation in the bullpen as a healthier alternative to the baseball players' habit of chewing on wads of tobacco. In 1979 he came up with the idea to chew on bubble gum instead, and Big League Chew became a massive success for the baseball players and their fans!

Big League Chew Gum is known for its signature shredded form, easy for packing this supple and flavourful bubble gum into your cheeks, (and blowing juicy bubbles)!

Some of our Big League Chew Gum top picks are the Big League Chew Outta Here Original, the unique holiday release Big League Chew Hot Chocolate, and for sour candy lovers, Big League Chew Swingin' Sour Apple! A must-have bubble gum essential for your candy section!


M&M's Chocolate

m&m's chocolate popular candy brands

Your customers would be lost without the delicious addition of the popular candy brand M&M's Candy! This colourful old-fashioned candy is filled with real milk chocolate and can feature a multitude of other flavours, always complete with bright and beautiful candy-coated shells! 

During the Spanish Civil war, Forrest Mars observed soldiers eating bits of chocolate coated in a candy shell, and noticed how clever it was that they didn't melt in their hands or under the hot sun. Inspired and intrigued, Forrest developed his own version upon his return to America. Mars would later join forces with Bruce Murrie, and these candies became M&M's! It was 1941, and the world could not have been more taken by a candy!

The original m and m's candy were filled with milk chocolate and had their special candy coating. Next would be a peanut-filled version, the first of many innovations. Now there are many variations of fillings for this old-fashioned candy, including pretzel, caramel, mint, peanut butter almond... the list goes on and on!


Some of the most popular M&M's candy is the M&M's Crispy Chocolate, M&M's English Toffee Peanut, and the M&M's Key Lime Pie. Relish in the sweetness of simple moments and feel their famous slogan," melts in your mouth, and not in your hand"! Visit the M&M's Candy collection and find your new favourite!

 FUN FACT: Due to a dip in sales, in the 90s, the Mars company revamped its marketing and this is when the beloved M&M's characters got their own special personalities!


Toxic Waste Sour Candy

toxic waste sour candy popular candy brands

The "hazardously sour" Toxic Waste candy was unleashed in 2007 when Candy Dynamics Inc. brought sour candy lovers this lip-puckering treat! Most Popular In America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa, Toxic Waste has a dedicated following!

This nostalgic candy comes in a novelty "Toxic Waste" drum, containing individually wrapped candies in five different sour flavours! The originals are Apple, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Lemon. A Toxic Waste Sour Candy challenge became popular when people competed over who could hold the candy in their mouth the longest and how many candies they could tolerate at once. This caused some controversy and even new warnings on the candy!

The Toxic Waste Slime Lickers Candy Challange became a huge sensation on Tik Tok's platform in November 2020. Droves of daring sour candy lovers reacted to this unique sour candy in gooey liquid form. Funny faces and tears of sour pain make for very entertaining content!

Complete your candy section with the sour power of Toxic Waste Candy! Your candy store wouldn't be complete without the cringe-inducing prospect of Toxic Waste sour candy! While the original Toxic Waste Drums are wildly popular, there are some more explosive items to discover, like the Toxic Waste Nuclear Fusion flavours and the Toxic Waste Atomz

What are you waiting for? Try them all, "We Dare You"!


Hi-Chew Candy

hi-chew japanese candy popular candy brands

Gift your taste buds with this over 100-year-old highly sought-after Japanese Candy that is still bursting with fruity flavour!

Hi-Chew Candy of Morinaga & Company was invented by Taichiro Morinaga of Japan. Taichiro loved the idea of chewing gum, however, this is seen as taboo in Japan, so instead, he developed a candy with an intense and unbelievably chewy texture that you could quickly swallow!

After his dreams came to fruition, he created something called Chewlets. In 1975 the name was changed to what we know and love today, Hi-Chew candy. He single-handedly made Morinaga & Company the largest and most popular confectionery in Asia!

With numerous variations of Hi-Chew flavours, each bite is a delicious gem! The original mix contains the fruit flavours of Grape, Green Apple and Strawberry. Our new fave is definitely the Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix, including the fantastic flavours of Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Hawaii and Blue Raspberry.

Every Hi-Chew is a winning candy! "Immensely fruity" and "Intensely Chewy"! This Japanese Candy will quickly become a new favourite indulgence!


Moon Pie Snack

moon pie american snack popular candy brands

Moon Pie has been loved since 1917 when travelling salesman Earl Mitchell was confronted by local Kentucky coal miners searching for how to squelch their hunger during their very short breaks.

Candy legend says that Earl Mitchell stared deep into the Kentucky full moon and was struck with a genius idea to create a snack as "big as the moon" for the hungry coal miners! Mitchell was luckily able to convince the Chatanooga Bakery to create his idea. He knew he wanted two giant round graham cookies, marshmallow filling and some chocolate to sandwich his creation together.

Moon Pies have been made daily for 100 years at the famous Chatanooga bakery since the brand's inception. And, the coal miners were sweetly sufficed, with bellies full of moon pies, and Earl Mitchell found sweet success with his toothsome creation! 

The rise of this iconic American snack increased during the 1920s and 30s when Moon Pies were being shipped overseas to the soldiers easing hunger and homesickness. Much like the beginning of Earls's mission, the Moon Pie's followed hungry workers from the Northern Steel mills to the automobile plants in Chicago and Detroit.

During the 1970s, the Moon Pie brand grew and offered variations such as the Double Decker Deluxe, Vanilla, and even Strawberry. It remains a sentimental snack filled with the sweetest of memories! Moon Pie fans still relish this old-fashioned American snack!

FUN FACT: Believe it or not, the Chatanooga, Tennesse bakery makes over a million Moon Pies daily!


Annabelle Candy

annabelle candy company popular candy brands

Take your customers on a sweet journey down memory lane with this delicious American Candy! Ignite their taste buds with the rockin' Rocky Road candy bar, the chill Abba Zaba bar, the exquisite Look Candy Bar, the U-No Bar, or how about a tasty Big Hunk?

Annabelle Candy made its debut in 1917 when Russian Immigrant Sam Altshuler decided to open up a candy company that he lovingly named after his daughter, Annabelle. Sam, along with the gaze of his young daughter, would get creative in the kitchen and think of sweet and unique recipes to create.

His first big break in candy was with the ever-popular Abba Zaba candy bar in 1922. This truly unique nostalgic candy found remarkable success due to its unique combo of sweet vanilla taffy and creamy peanut butter filling. This bar had and still has many fans. It also had its 15 minutes of fame when Dave Chappelle, in the movie Half Baked, referred to the Abba Zaba as being "his only friend".

Another undeniable Annabelle hit is the Rocky Road candy bar! This famous bar has creamy handmade milk chocolate that is coated over a luscious, fluffy marshmallow filling, all sprinkled with cashews. It's a top-selling chocolate bar in San Fransico and has been ever since its inception in 1950!

Another favourite Annabelle Candy Bar is the Big Hunk! This Hunk has so much more than just looks! Starting with a delectable honey-infused nougat that is heavily studded with roasted peanuts. This ultra-chewy combination is absolutely delicious and can even be enjoyed frozen. Any way you eat it, the Big Hunk is always on point!

Annabelle candy is the definition of being an oldie but goodie, so make sure to add this American Candy to complete your retro candy section beautifully!


Fini Candy

fini licorice candy spanish candy popular candy brands

Take your customers to a sweet candy destination with the vibrant and colourful candy of Fini! 

Fini Candy started out in Spain in the early part of the 1970s by Manuel Sanchez Cano. In Spain, Fini is a hugely popular retro candy but it lesser known in North America. It made its debut here in 2016-2018 when it landed on candy shelves everywhere and candy lovers became sweetly intrigued with its bright and festive colours and unique shapes.

Fini wanted to be known as a new generation of candy and licorice. They wanted the younger generation to take notice of their licorice and candies, and they certainly have. The Fini Licorice candy Kollisions is a mixture of sweet and sour licorice with sour foam-like filled tubes and fruity tasting lego-shaped pieces.

Another of our favourite Fini's candy is the Hooplas Candy which consists of beautiful and brightly coloured mini flowers filled with fantastic fruity flavours like Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Lemonade, Blueberry, Rasberry, Orange, and Cherry. These are not only mesmerizing to look at, but uber delicious so you'll find yourself demolishing this bag in no time!

For the sour candy lovers, Fini has a sour belt candy called Fini Shock Tongues. These are meant to jolt your taste buds and are filled with the tastes of Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape, Cherry, Lemon, and Blue Raspberry. These gummy strips are remarkably flavourful and super sour!

Bring your customers' taste buds on an adventure to Spain with this delicious Fini Candy experience!


We're getting to the last bite...

From delightful Hershey's chocolate to the vibrant and colourful Fini candy, your customers might just stumble upon a new favourite candy!

Be sure to browse our collection of wholesale candy and include these epic brands in your store!

Entice them with even more candy and stay tuned for Part 4 to see more popular candy brands we love as we enjoy National Candy Month together!  But don't forget to check out Part 1 & Part 2 if you haven't salivated through those lists yet.

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