Creating a Store 'Candy Menu'

Creating a Store 'Candy Menu'

With one of the candy industry’s largest celebrations coming up, you’ve got your work cut out for you, and iWholesale Candy is here to help.

Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers to show their affection through their stomach: Carefully preparing a delicately planned meal, the cocktail to go with it, and then dessert. We all ask ourselves then, what shall I give as a gift?

Red, "the colour of love" 
can be used to entice and
remind your customer to buy
quickly, as Valentine's Day is approaching!



When your customers visits your retail location, they’re probably looking to buy something in particular – whether it be a condiment, fresh bread, or even to satisfy a craving. They have already "something in mind". This is the opportunity for you to remind your customer that Valentine’s Day is coming up, and the time for them to buy the new, or nostalgic, or specialty candies they’re forgetting they need.

Displaying candies, chocolates, snacks, and treats, is no longer a matter of just ‘leaving it in the box and hope they see it’ – the 21st century customer is a savvy customer, and they’re also short on time. Ask yourself, when’s the last time you took 30 minutes to buy candy? Maybe never. Your customer responds to this type of shopping in the same manner: Get in, pick up a box of chocolates, get out, move on. iWholesale Candy has a better marketing and sales strategy for your business:

Enter the ‘Candy Menu’

This means the customer’s feeling must be the same as when they enter a restaurant and receive their menu, which lists:

  1. Their favourites – what they usually see and buy, and have loved for years.
  2. Their quick pick-me-ups – Something small, yet satisfying .
  3. Their comfort foods – Not what they would normally order, but what they would choose if their needs are to be satisfied: Maybe they had a family reunion that went bad, or they broke up with a significant other.
  4. Their intrigues – The items they’ve seen and are curious to try.
  5. The novelties – The ‘hey, I haven’t seen this before?’ items.

The same goes for the candy they will purchase, and it’s up to the retailer to create the ‘menu’ comprised of each of these 5 items mixed with eachother or provided in sections, to peek their interest and keep them coming back for more. Your customer must see that you’re providing the usual items they have become accustomed to seeing PLUS the new and exciting ones.

Move it around

This pattern is changed up and moved around seasonally and is also dependent upon special holidays and celebrations. For example, you can set up a unique ‘summer time’ display, complete with summer-geared POP, balloons and signage, and colourful store dress-up items in yellows, oranges, and light greens. For spring-time, the colours would change and the new arrival of flowers, beach-scenes and cottage getaways would be accented with new candy and Easter celebrations. This technique keeps the customer interested, and it also accentuates the fact your store is “looked after” – cleaned, interesting, and deliciously updated!

Take a look at the scheme of bright colours in the photo above – doesn't it scream "summer candy"?


Your customer may be busier now, more than ever, but it doesn’t mean they have to walk in and out in two-minutes. The longer you keep them looking through and finding novelties, the more you tug at their heart strings and peak their curiosity, the more they are probably going to spend with you and continue coming back for more.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, now is the time to experiment with colourful displays of red, pink, white and light yellow, to convey the feeling of love and warmth... And have the candy reflect the same! 

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