The Largest Demographic is Buying Candy

The Largest Demographic is Buying Candy

As recently as five years ago, we were all made aware of the booming "Boomers" market – but did you know there is another booming group of consumers that is surpassing this demographic? At iWholesale Candy, we share the need to know exactly who your biggest consumer is, and it's no longer the 'Boomer'... 

Boomers in Canada are recognized as those individuals born between 1946 and 1964. Right now, it means they're typically in their mid-to-late 60s and early 70s. And yes, they are buying candy – but the face of candy purchases is quickly changing.  

Between Generation X, Y and now Z, fast approaching Generation Y (or Millennials) are those born between 1981 and 1995, are foreseen to take over as the largest demographic in Canada within the next few years, and iWholesaleCandy thinks you should be focusing on them now – sooner rather than later. This group is just over 10 million people in Canada.

Notable points iWholesaleCandy recommends you know about Millennials in Canada:

  • They have been incorrectly labeled as the laziest, most temperamental age group, yet they are incredibly loyal to the brands like like. If your store is able to get them in, they're more likely to remain as loyal customers. Offer them something they can rely on and they like, and they'll keep coming back.
  • 39% of them have a Bachelor's Degree or higher, compared with just 15% of Baby Boomers. This means that, combined with their aptitude for electronics, they are researching the best place, pricing, ingredients, and quality of goods than ever before. A website - even a simple one - is recommended in order to reach and retain them.
  • Buying power: They are more likely to come in as groups and buy more from you than any other generation. They spend a lot of time on electronics (on average 7 hours per day in Canada) but when they go out, they do it typically in 'herds' or larger groups. If one comes in, many come in. And you must allow for their favourites to be on display (see next point, below).
  • Millennials are looking for the unusual, the different, the super-flavourful, and the long-lasting. According to studies, they are really enjoying those sweets and treats that pack a punch. They're looking for more choice when it comes to flavours, textures, pack sizes and price. They are essentially looking for variety.

Candy and treats suggested for Millennials:

Here are some iWholesale Candy suggestions you should consider next time you're placing an order online for the best wholesale candy that will attract Canada's largest demographic of candy purchasers:


Look for different, unusual, not-so-familiar brands that are delicious and colourful items that your customer cannot find anywhere else.


Taking your customer to a world of exploring sour candies with much more than they have ever considered, and past the most-known treats they may have grown up with. iWholesaleCandy believes that millennials are trend-setters, and if they catch on to a new or more unusually-seen product they can bring in a whole new group of clients to your store.

Chocolate - always a winner

Chocolate is a big seller for this rapidly growing demographic. As we've discussed, since Millennials are trend-setters and they like their unusual sweets that they can share with fellow Millennial friends, this makes for a winning combination and a great, long-lasting customer. The key here at iWholesaleCandy is: VARIETY and offering products they have yet to find anywhere else, in any of their usual stores. 

Bulk Options

As we know in the candy bulk business, having bulk options is a big seller - regardless of the demographic or what your buyer is looking to buy. The option for them to choose from a few grams (or a whole kilo!) of different types of candies is very important. This is one of the reasons why iWholesaleCandy is the best option for buying candy in bulk online: Selection!

Our best advice at iWholesaleCandy is to take a closer look at the customer that is coming in to your store: What is their age group? What are they looking for? Which areas of your store are they walking through – what are their eyeballs looking at, and are they finding what they seek? Soon you will come to see patterns and this can make a big difference not only in the candies and treats they buy, but also in how much of a long-term relationship they form with you, their favourite store. 

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