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Top 10 Best Selling Candies from the 1990s

The best 90s candy!

Hey, candy store owners! Ready to take a sweet trip down memory lane? The 1990s were a golden era for candy, with iconic treats that not only delighted our taste buds but also became a beloved part of pop culture. 

Stocking your store with these best-selling 90s candies is a surefire way to attract customers who are nostalgic for their childhood favourites. Let’s dive into the top 10 candies from the 90s that your customers will love to see on your shelves.

1. Warheads

Warheads - Warhead - Warheads Candy - Sour Candy - Warheads Sour Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Who can forget the face-puckering intensity of Warheads? This sour candy was the ultimate test of endurance among kids in the 90s. Warheads come in various flavours, each more sour than the last. 

From the initial sour burst to the sweet candy core, Warheads are a nostalgic favourite that’s perfect for those who love a challenge. By stocking Warheads, you’re offering a piece of retro candy history that will draw in customers eager to relive those daring childhood moments.

2. Baby Bottle Pop

Baby Bottle Pop - Baby Bottle Pop Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

The Baby Bottle Pop was a game-changer in the candy world. Combining a fun, interactive design with delicious flavours, this candy was a must-have for kids in the 90s. 

The concept is simple: taste the candy bottle, dip it into the flavoured powder, and enjoy! It’s a playful treat that’s sure to bring back memories for your customers.

3. Nerds Rope

Nerds Ropes - Nerds Rope - Nerds Candy - Nerds Candy Rope - Candy Rope - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Nerds Rope took the beloved crunchy Nerds Candy and transformed it into a chewy, fun-to-eat treat. The combination of the chewy candy rope and the crunchy Nerds coating made for a delightful textural experience. 

This candy was a favourite for its unique shape and the burst of fruity flavours. By offering Nerds Rope, you’re providing a classic 90s candy that appeals to both children and adults looking to revisit their favourite sweet treats from the past.

4. Too Tarts

Too Tarts - Too Tarts Candy - Too Tarts Liquid Candy - Too Tarts Sour Spray Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Too Tarts was the ultimate sour liquid candy of the 90s. Packaged in a fun spray bottle, Too Tarts Sour Spray Candy offered an interactive way to enjoy a sour treat. Kids loved spraying the candy directly into their mouths for an instant sour hit. 

This candy’s unique delivery method and intense flavour make it a memorable 90s treat that’s perfect for your store’s retro candy section. Stocking Too Tarts will surely attract customers who remember this fun and tangy candy from their childhood.

5. Sour Punch

Sour Punch - Sour Punch Candy - Sour Punch Straws - Sour Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Sour Punch Straws were a staple of 90s snack time. These sour, chewy straws come in a variety of fruity flavours and were a hit for their tangy taste and fun shape. The combination of sweet and sour made Sour Punch a favourite among kids and adults alike. By stocking Sour Punch Candy, you’re adding a well-loved sour candy that will appeal to customers looking for a taste of their childhood.

6. Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos - Dunkaroo - Dunkaroos Candy - Dunkaroos Snack - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Dunkaroos were the ultimate snack for 90s kids. These fun treats combined crunchy cookies with creamy frosting, perfect for dunking. Whether it was vanilla cookies with chocolate frosting or chocolate cookies with vanilla frosting, Dunkaroos were a hit for their delicious flavours and interactive eating experience. Bringing Dunkaroos into your store means offering a beloved 90s snack that customers will be excited to rediscover.

7. Gushers

Gushers - Gushers Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

These chewy candies have a liquid center that bursts with flavour, making them a unique and fun treat. The intense fruity flavours and the gooey center made Gushers a favourite among 90s kids. 

By stocking Gushers, you’re offering a candy that’s not only delicious but also brings a sense of nostalgia and fun to your customers.

8. Sweetarts Giant Chewy

Sweetarts - Sweetarts Candy - Sweetarts Giant Chewy - Chewy Candy - Tart Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Sweetarts Giant Chewy took the classic tart flavour of Sweetarts and made it even better with a larger, chewy version. These candies offered a perfect balance of sweet and tart, making them a hit among candy lovers. 

The chewy texture added a new dimension to the classic Sweetarts experience. Adding Sweetarts Giant Chewy to your store’s candy selection means offering a timeless treat that’s sure to attract customers who love a bit of tang with their sweets.

9. Hershey’s Cookies and Creme

Hersheys Cookies and Creme - Hersheys - Hersheys Chocolate - Hersheys Chocolate Bar - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Hershey’s Cookies and Creme bar was a revolutionary treat in the 90s. This candy bar combined creamy white chocolate with crunchy cookie bits, creating a delicious contrast of textures. 

The smooth, sweet taste of the white chocolate paired perfectly with the slightly salty cookie bits, making it a favourite among chocolate lovers. Stocking Hershey’s Cookies and Creme bars means offering a beloved 90s treat that’s perfect for customers looking for a creamy, crunchy chocolate fix.

10. Toxic Waste 

Toxic Waste - Toxic Waste Candy - Toxic Waste Sour Candy - Toxic Waste Sour - Sour Candy - 90s Candy - Retro Candy - 90s Candies

Toxic Waste is the ultimate sour candy challenge from the 90s. Known for its extreme sourness, Toxic Waste comes in a variety of flavours, each packed with a powerful sour punch. This candy was popular for its fun, hazardous packaging and the intense sour experience it offered. 

By stocking Toxic Waste Sour Candy, you’re providing a nostalgic treat that’s sure to attract customers who love a sour challenge and remember the thrill of daring their friends to try it.

By stocking your shelves with these top 10 best-selling candies from the 1990s, you’re not just offering sweet treats; you’re providing a nostalgic experience that your customers will love. These treats are more than just retro candy; they’re a way to bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

So, get ready to see those happy, nostalgic expressions as your customers rediscover their favourite 90s candies. Happy stocking, and may your store be the sweetest spot in town!

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