Best Selling Back to School Candies at Wholesale Prices

Best Selling Back To School Candies

These candies will make back to school sweeter.

Best Selling Back to School Candies at Wholesale Prices

The time has come! It's inevitable, back to school is upon us! There are those who will drag their feet in sadness just thinking of the impending doom of sitting in a classroom again. Or the all too overly enthusiastic teacher's pet who has spent all Summer brushing up on their math skills. Along with the new shoes, pens, pencils and books, there are brand new backpacks to be filled, with candy of course!

Be sure to be ready for these hungry students!  They'll need some real fuel for learning! Make your store the best part of their school day and have your candy aisles stocked with our best Back To School Candies!
Our Best Selling Back To School Candies...

#1. Nerds Candy

Nerds Candy-Best Selling Back to School Candies at Wholesale

A magically delicious Wonka Candy that is although small in size, is mighty in flavour! Nerds Candy come in a dual-chambered box with two different flavours on each side, choose from, Grape and Strawberry, Watermelon and Cherry, Wild Berry and Peach, Surf and Turk, or the Nerds Double Dipped Candy. Eat one side at a time, or create a yummy combination of both sides at once!
Nerds Candy make it easy to share with your BFF! They're also convenient size-wise, easy to throw in a school bag, hide in a desk or even keep in your pocket! Who wouldn't love this retro candy? Makes a great after school pick me up or a candy to share during recess!
Let them know how cool being a "Nerd" is with the tangy and crunchy taste of Nerds Candy!

#2. Kidsmania Skool Bus

Kidsmania Skool Bus-Best Selling Back to School

Get your customers excited and amped up for back to school with the Kidsmania Skool Bus! This is a fun and yummy novelty candy that you can not only play with but also enjoy the candy inside!
This eye-catching, brightly coloured yellow school bus comes equipt with lots of candy! The wheels on the bus really do go round and round! Open up the back hatch and a big helping of brightly coloured and crunchy candy will appear! Eat the delicious candy then play with the fun " Skool Bus".
A cute and fun candy addition to have in your candy aisle!

#3. Haribo Alphabet Letters

Haribo Alphabet Letters Gummy Candy

Help your smallest customers sweetly learn their ABC's with the Haribo Alphabet Letters! This old fashioned gummy candy has been loved since the 1920s, and it's just as delicious today!
Brightly coloured and perfectly chewy, each letter is filled with its own delicious fruity flavour. Coming in five tasty flavours like Pineapple, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry. Be sure to taste every letter! The Haribo Alphabet Letters make learning the alphabet a delightfully sweet adventure!

#4. efrutti Gummi Candy Lunch Bag

efruitti Gummi Candy Lunch Bag

Lunch was never so sweet! Especially the efruitti Gummi Candy Lunch Bag! This delicious gummy candy has a mini version of lunch but in gummy candy form! Everybody will want to cozy up to you in the lunchroom with this super yummy lunch, which includes, chewy hamburgers, delicious sour french fries, refreshingly sweet cola, a loaded hot dog and even a pizza! This lunch might be miniature in size but it certainly packs some big flavour! 
Get your customers really excited about their lunch break, they'll love to feast on this lunch! 

#5. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape GumHubba Bubba Bubble Gum Tape-Best Selling Back to School

Share with your customers the sweet secret of amazing bubbles with the awesome Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Gum!
This luscious tasting Bubble Gum is six feet long! That's hard to beat! The Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Bubblegum is not only juicy, sweet and flavoursome it really does blow some big and beautiful bubbles! Most Bubble Gum comes in wrappers but Hubba Bubba came out with this genius tape dispenser! It's so easy and convenient to carry around, and makes it ideal for sharing! Now you can make every recess bubbly and fun! Just don't stick that disregarded chewed up bubble gum under the desk! Detentions are no fun!

#6. Whatchamacallit Candy Bar 

Hershey's Whatchamacallit American Candy Bars-Best Selling Back to School

Sometimes it's hard to come up with the right answer, especially when you are put on the spot in front of all your classmates! That's why we suggest the Whatchamacallit Candy Bar for back to school! Just simply hold up this delicious American candy bar if you are called upon. The best part is you can eat it later! The Whatchamacallit Candy Bar is loaded with crispy peanut butter flavoured rice crisps, along with creamy caramel that is all completely covered in a generous coating of chocolate! A delectable American Candy Bar that is deliciously satisfying! In fact, this candy bar is so delectable you might even forget it's name! 
Don't let your hungry customers forget the name of this amazing candy bar, be sure to have it fully stocked in your candy aisle!

#7. Smarties Chocolate Candies

Nestle Smarties Canadian Candy


A true Canadian classic candy! Now you can help boost your customer's brainpower with Smarties!  These brightly coloured bits of candy come with the perfect crunch on the outside and are filled with chocolate on the inside. Every round morsel of Smarties Chocolate Candy will make you proud to be Canadian! In the USA they call what we call "Rockets" Smarties Our Smarties are the real deal, they win every time!
You will become a Smartie! Just be consuming them on a regular basis. It's always a smart choice to choose Smarties! Eat them one at a time or dump the entire contents in your mouth at once! Any way you enjoy them, Smarties are a perfect candy anytime!

#8. Kidsmania Emoji Lollipop

Kidsmania EmojiPop Lollipops-Best Selling Back to School

Now you can help your customers be more expressive! It's easy with these fun-filled Emoji Lollipops from Kidsmania. Not only are these fruity and delicious tasting lollipops they also include a laser light inside so you can light up each Emoji face!  Help your customers to LOL with this yummy and fun treat from Kidsmania! The Emoji Lollipop is not your average Lollipop it also includes fun and entertainment! Light up the world with a sweet and happy face and eat a delicious lollipop!

#9. Vidal Filled Gummy Brains


Show your customers how to become a sweet brainiac with these delicious Vidal Filled Gummy Brains! Made to resemble a real brain! Soft and chewy flavourful candy with a strawberry flavoured outside and a yummy jelly-filled centre.Great for a science project, or a spooky candy for Halloween! Some people might think that they're gross but that just means more for you! Gummy Brain Candy is not only delightfully delicious but also very amusing! Rumour has it that Hannibal Lecter loved these! 

#10. Smarties Mega Lollies

Smarties Mega Lollies Lollipops Retro Candy


Teach those kids all about the good old days with this American retro candy! The Smarties Mega Lollies is the perfect balance of tart and sweet! This retro lollipop tastes just like the American version of Smarties, or what we call "rockets" in Canada.
Smarties Mega Lollies Lollipops
You can even bite through this lollipop as it's made in a tablet-like texture. Great for on the go students, teachers too! Give your customers a sweet afternoon pick me up with  Mega flavour with the classic Smarties Mega Lollies!

Make Back to School $weeter

Send them all back to school sweetly with our delicious and exciting selection of wholesale candy! Make your store a popular and fun place with the addition of bubble gum, lollipops, gummy candy, and so much more! 

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