Reese's Big Cup Stuffed w/Potato Chips King Size 2.6oz - 16 Pack

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New Reese's Chocolate Bar!

Made for a King Size yearning, this American Candy Bar will deeply satisfy whatever craving ails you! Be it sweet, salty or in this case, both!

The Reese's Big Cup Stuffed With Potato Chips King Size is not a grand illusion, this is a delicious reality!
Each cup is filled with an abundance of creamy and thick, Reese's Peanut Butter and inside of that already perfect taste is a stuffing of crunchy and salty potato chips. After each bite, you'll find yourself anticipating the next, this sweet and salty combination is phenomenal.
Let your customers taste this bliss, with the Reese's Big Cup Stuffed With Potato Chips!
2.6oz Pack | 16 Count Box

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