Big League Chew Bubble Gum-Outta Here Original - 12 Pack

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The Official Bubble Gum of Ripken Baseball

"A Whole Lotta Gum In Every Pouch!"

You'll hit it home with this Big League Chew Outta Here Original Bubble Gum! Bright and pink, this shredded gum comes in a pouch so you can take a little bit at a time, or a giant mouthwatering wad! Invented in 1980 by Rob Nelson, a left handed pitcher from the Portland Mavericks.

Six flavours to choose from: Outta Here Orginal, Wild Pitch Watermelon, Swingin Sour Apple, Ground Ball Grape, Curveball Cotton Candy and Big Rally Blue Raspberry

Made in the USA

2.12 oz Pouch | 12 CT BOX

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