Your Store needs these Top 10 Retro Candies

Your Store Needs These Top 10 Retro Candies

Every Candy Section needs Retro Candies

Relive all the best days with our Retro Candy! We have your favorite old fashioned candy all at wholesale prices. When any Candy Lover walks down the aisle of your store they'll be delighted and eager to taste all the retro candy from their youth.
We love Retro Candy. We eat lots of it! We've made a list of the top 10 must have Retro Candies. Get ready to feel nostalgic and hungry!

#1. Pop Rocks Popping Candy

Pop Rocks Popping Candy-Retro Candies

For that fun and explosive feeling there is no other Retro Candy that compares to Pop Rocks. These tiny little bits of  exploding candy really do pop in your mouth. You not only get the delicious taste, but that exciting and fun feeling that goes along with Pop Rocks. This old fashioned candy came out in 1975 and they've been popular ever since. This popping and unique candy lets you taste the explosion in nine flavors, Blue Razz Pop Rocks, Green Apple Pop Rocks, Grape Pop Rocks, Strawberry Pop Rocks,Tropical Punch Pop Rocks, Watermelon Pop Rocks, Cotton Candy Explosion Pop Rocks, Bubble Gum Pop Rocks, and of course the Original Pop Rocks.

#2.Bottle Caps Candy

Wonka Bottle Caps Soda Pop Candy

These sweet and tart tablet like candies are on everyone's must eat list! Bottle Caps are a Retro Candy that was first introduced to us in 1972. They are based on the 1971 film, Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. They've been delighting us for generations! Bottle Caps Candy are made to actually look like metal soda bottle caps. They not only resemble cool looking retro bottle caps but really taste like all of our favorite soft drinks. The flavors in a roll of Bottle Caps are Root Beer, Cherry, Grape, Cola and Orange. 

#3.Charleston Chew

Charleston Chew Retro Candy

This old fashioned candy came out in 1922. Charleston Chew made the "roaring 20's" even sweeter! Charleston Chew Candy is made of irresistible smooth nougat that is then coated in a luscious and rich layer of chocolate. Some people like to freeze them and then crack them as they eat them. Charleston Chew is enjoyable either way. This Retro Candy is sure capture the attention of any candy lover. These nougat bars come in classic flavors, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Rediscover the good old days with Charleston Chew!

#4.Gold Mine Bubble Gum

Gold Mine Bubble Gum Retro Candy

These little yellow coloured nuggets really do like like gold, and they even come in a cute little re-usable burlap pouch. You're candy section will hit the jackpot with this old time Bubble Gum! Gold Mine Bubble Gum is as juicy and flavorful as you remember. Introduce it to the younger generations. Guaranteed they've never seen anything quite like it. This Bubblegum is worth it's wait in gold!

#5.Charms Blow Pop

Charms Blow Pop Bubble Gum Lollipops Retro Candy

A Lollipop with a Bubble Gum  surprise in the middle, this Retro Lollipop really is double whammy treat! Charms Blow Pops will fill your store with smiles all around. The Charms Blow Pop came out in 1969 and was a top selling candy right from the start. These old fashioned mouthwatering Lollipops will satisfy any candy connoisseur, a great selling Candy that all your customers will love. 

#6.Nerds Candy

Nerds Candy

Small but mighty! Nerds Candy are tangy, delicious and so crunchy. These little bits of candy are a groovy taste from the 1970's. Nerds Candy have been enjoyed for years. You probably ate them as a child and now your very own children eat them. There's something "Scrumdiddlyumtious" as Willy Wonka would say about this cool Retro Candy. Nerds Candy come with two flavors in one box, another bonus with this candy. Eat them one side at a time or have fun mixing them up. Nerds come in the coolest of flavors. There are Nerds Watermelon And Cherry, Nerds Surf And Turf, Nerds Double Dipped Flavors, Nerds Wild Berry And Peach, Nerds Grape And Strawberry. The newest addition to the Nerds Candy are Nerd Ropes. These are a long and slender chewy piece of gummy candy that is completely covered in nerds. A great tasting combination. Nerd Ropes come in Very Berry and Rainbow.

#7.Big League Chew

Big League Chew Bubble Gum

This Retro Bubble Gum is always a home run! Big League Chew was invented by baseball players in 1980 and has been an iconic bubblegum ever since. This bubblegum comes in a shredded form inside of a pouch and was originally meant to replace that yucky chewing tobacco. A delicious alternative that also blows the best and biggest bubbles! Big League Chew makes us all feel like we're in the "Big Leagues"!

#8.Fun Dip Candy

Fun Dip Retro Candy from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Another Wonka Favorite! This Retro Candy is nothing short of delicious playfulness! Comes in a pouch and a sweet candy stick to use for dipping and licking into the sensational tasting powdered candy. Fun Dip comes in two flavors, Razz Apple Magic Dip and Cherry Yum Diddly Dip. Fun Dip is an expected candy for any Candy Lover, a staple Retro candy that your never too old to eat!

#9.Life Savers Candy

Life Savers Retro Candy

This roll of Retro Candy is really a Life Saver. This nostalgic candy can freshen your breath, or give you that afternoon pick me up. Life Savers came out in 1912, a real old fashioned candy that every customer has come to anticipate. This Retro Candy comes in a variety of mouthwatering flavors and have become a classic candy that have been loved through many generations. A roll of Life Savers in your pocket is sure way to have a sweet day!

#10. Haribo Gold Bears

Haribo Gold Bears Gummy Candy

"Welcome to the Happy World Of Haribo". Everybody is smiling when they eat this Gummy Candy. Haribo Gold Bears came out in the early 1920's and ever since their arrival the world has truly been "happily" indulging in them. Every bite of this Retro Candy is bursting with the best and fruitiest of flavors. Haribo Gold Bears come in Original and Sour. Every Gummy Candy lover will come back time and time again for these gummy bears!

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These are just a few of our top selling Retro Candies. Be sure to check out our whole collection of Retro Candies. You'll be glad you did, and so will your customers that crave a taste of that good old fashioned nostalgia in their candy!

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