With so much candy: Why buy gum?

With so much candy: Why buy gum?

It’s a funny thing to think about, this chewing gum thing… Can you only imagine what the caveman would’ve thought about it? Chewing for sometimes hours on end, a piece of flavoured food you just don’t swallow!

Through this blog, iWholesale Candy will show you the many reasons why chewing gum is not only good for you, but how to use it as a marketing tool for building rapport and trust with your customers.

The history of chewing gum has always fascinated us at iWholesale Candy. In short, it has been with us for centuries and brought to life by Thomas Adams in 1818 when he tried making synthetic rubber and ended up with chewing gum (or, you can watch this video here!)


There are many reasons why we choose to chew gum, and why it’s actually very good for our mental health. Here are some our favourite reasons:

Chewing gum helps with focus

It has been proven medically, that chewing gum can help us concentrate and become more focused. Well you may ask yourself, why didn’t teachers actually LET US chew gum in school? That’s because it may help the chewer to focus, but it’s distracting for those who are not chewing it!

The study by Cardiff University showed that participants who chewed gum had quicker reaction times and more accurate results than those who didn’t chew it. Maybe it’s not done on purpose, but since being able to focus makes us feel better, maybe its use is subliminal… so order your bulk gum online through iWholesale Candy and keep chewing!

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Chewing gum calms the mind

Many people who are naturally fidgety claim that chewing gum helps them calm down. Fidgety people can sometimes chew their nails, make clicking sounds with their mouth, tap their feet uncontrollably, or even clench their jaw tight – we even have some fidgeters here at iWholesale Candy, and we remind them to chew gum! The act of chewing – or masticating – has been proven to lower levels of anxiety and fatigue in many people.

Chewing gum can help you quit smoking

iWholesale Candy has learned that some people smoke because it’s a habit, not necessarily because it’s the nicotine and hundreds of other chemicals calling them out! The habit of holding something in your hand and seeing its smoke releasing, can be quite a soothing feeling for smokers. Well, rather than messing up with your body’s health, why not chew gum instead? Chewing gum has been shown to calm nerves (as previously mentioned) and keep the body and hands busy too.

Chewing gum for fresh breath, of course!

Not just for smokers, but for anyone wishing to have fresh breath for longer than it would take to melt a mint candy, chewing gum is the answer. So yes, this is an obvious answer but as you can see, there are so many more reasons why chewing gum is good for you! 

Chewing gum is just so good!

iWarehouse Candy believes that chewing gum means many things to many people: It’s a simple candy you don’t have to indulge in tons of calories for; you can travel with; you can carry with you; you can hide at a meeting and always have fresh breath (we’ve done that too!). Besides, it comes in so many flavours and with various sensations, we just love it – don’t you?


Marketing takeaway:

As a practise, maybe ask your customer how they feel about sharing their thoughts on chewing gum, and why they like it. It will be interesting to learn about your customer, and also give them the opportunity to have a conversation with you. This creates rapport and trust, and will make them feel more connected to buying in your store.

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