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Top 10 Halloween Candy

Top 10 Best Selling Halloween Candy

Spooky but Yummy Halloween Candy

Top 10 Halloween Candy

Get your store Halloween ready with our spooktacular Halloween Candy! Trick or treat? Is the question this season and we want to make sure you have all the treats you need! 

From ghosts and goblins, vampires and witches they all have one thing in common, they love to gobble up Halloween Candy! Get your candy aisles ready for some ghoulish sweetness!
Here is our Top Selling Halloween Candy...

#1. Candy Corn

Candy Corn Halloween Candy

Love it or hate it, there's something about this time of year that beckons us to eat Candy Corn, or at least try it! This tri-coloured confection is meant to resemble a piece of corn. It has a creamy fondant texture with a sweet and distinctive flavour.
Candy Corn Halloween Candy at Wholesale Prices
This old fashioned candy has been around since the 1880s! The world has loved it, complained about it and of course, happily indulged in this candy kernel! Candy Corn candy has some definite staying power, it's a must-have Halloween candy!

#2. Gummi Eye Balls

Gummi Eyeballs Halloween Candy

We know it sounds a little gross, but that's what Halloween is for! Indulging in some delicious and gruesome candy! That's just what these Gummi Eye Balls offer, a sort of yuckiness that does appeal to certain candy lovers! This scary Eye Ball would make quite a statement in your candy aisle! Imagine browsing the candy and seeing a giant bloodshot eyeball staring back at you! 
Vidal Gummi Eye Balls Halloween Candy
The Gummi Eye Balls Candy is a gummy candy with a chewy and soft texture and comes in the delightful flavour of strawberries and cream. This Halloween Candy would cause quite a stir at your fun Halloween Party! Imagine a tray full of this bulk candy at your Candy Bar or Candy Buffet! Give your customers "a feast for the eye" and their tastebuds!`

#3. Wax Fangs

Wack-O-Wax Fangs Halloween Candy

Not only is this a tasty wax candy, but you can also actually wear these fangs! Put them on a scare all your customers, or just get them in the mood for Halloween! This old fashioned candy has been eaten and played with for generations!
Wack-O-Wax Halloween Candy
This novelty candy has been around since the 1940s and also comes in a set of oversized red wax lips and also a handsome wax mustache. This candy makes for a fun and amusing Halloween Candy! Entertain your customers with the Wack-O- Wax Candies!

#4.Gummy Worms

Gummy Worms Halloween Candy

They might be creepy and crawly, but these worms you'll love to have in your mouth! The Gummy Worm is always a very suitable Halloween candy! It's fun and amusing and of course always super delicious! Choose from Sour Candy Gummy Worms or just simply sweet and fruity.
Gummy Worms Halloween Candy at Wholesale Prices
Gummy Worms come in many colours this bulk candy could be used on a candy bar or a spooky Halloween Party. Gummy Worm candy is also an ideal candy for the use of decorating cakes or cupcakes.
Your customers will squirm will sweet satisfaction with our yummy Gummy Worms!

#5. Caramel Apple Pops

Caramel Apple Pops Halloween Candy

This lollipop has all the rich and delightful flavours of Fall! Caramel Apple Pops are a delectable Halloween Candy! A caramel lollipop on the outside with a vibrant tasting green apple middle. The Caramel Apple Pop is a retro candy that is sure to satisfy those hungry ghosts and goblins or anyone else for that matter!
Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops Halloween Candy
Give them a delicious tasting lollipop with the Caramel Apple Pops!

#6.Gummi Hairy Spiders

Vidal Gummy Hairy Spiders Halloween Candy

These Hairy Spiders are sure to deliciously crawl down your throat! Gummi Hairy Spiders might scare off a few, but not the real hardcore candy lovers! This gummy candy makes an ideal Halloween Candy! They may look a little repulsive, but you can rest assured these Spiders are a sweetly superb tasting candy! Filled with a fresh and fruity taste, this amusing bulk candy would be a huge hit at a Halloween Party or displayed in your next candy bar.
Gummy Hairy Spiders will make your candy section come alive for the fun and frightful Halloween season!

#7. Kerr's Halloween Kisses

Kerr's Kisses Halloween Candy

Who doesn't like a kiss? Especially a soft and flavourful, melt in your mouth molasses kiss! `Kerr's Halloween Kiss is a classic Canadian Candy that goes hand in hand with Halloween! Kerr's Candy sure knows how to make a delicious candy, they've been around since 1895! This old fashioned candy is a staple that is an expected Halloween candy to have when your Canadian! The Kerr's Halloween Kiss comes complete with it's seasonal Halloween looking wrapper, sure to get your customers into some sweet, Halloween cheer! 

#8. Jumbo Sour Bones Gummy Candy

Huer Jumbo Sour Bones Halloween Candy

The bare bones of Halloween candy would, of course, include our Jumbo Sour Bones! This delicious gummy candy is a truly toothsome sour candy! Your customers will love to indulge in these yummy bones. They're always fresh and chewy, with a pucker some sugary coating on the outside. The Jumbo Sour Bones come in a multicoloured bone shape. This bulk candy would be a very entertaining gummy candy to have at your next candy bar, candy buffet, or a frightful Halloween Party! Get your store ready for Halloween with this satisfying sour candy!

#9.Gummi Brains

 Vidal Gummy Brains Halloween Candy

Get your brain around Halloween with this scary Halloween candy! The Gummi Brain is a delicious tasting strawberry flavoured gummy candy with a soft jelly-like middle. Yes, a little gory but perfect for Halloween! This bulk candy is sure to sweetly amuse your guests at your next candy buffet or candy bar. These gummy candy brains would make a brilliant statement at a Halloween party! Give your customers the scary  Halloween shivers with these yummy, Gummi  Brains!

#10. Hershey's Miniatures

Hershey Miniatures Chocolate Bars Halloween Candy

A mix of miniature Hershey Chocolate Bars is sure to get everyone in the Halloween spirit! This delicious mix of The Hershey's Miniatures includes little snack-size versions of some of your most favourite chocolate bars! Included in this marvellous mix is, Mr. Goodbar, Crispy Krackel, Creamy Hershey's Bar and The Rich Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar.
Hershey Miniatures Chocolate Bars Halloween Candy at Wholesale Prices
Don't be fooled by their size, yes these are small but BIG in flavour! Your customers will love some delectable chocolate Halloween candy! 

Have a Truly Sweet and Spectacularly Spooky Halloween!


Make Halloween sweeter than ever with our yummy and fun Halloween Candy! Take your customers on a trick or treat excursion right inside your very own store! They'll love our creepy crawly sweet spider critters and the dreadful-looking, but disgustingly delicious gummy candy Brains and Eyeballs! Keep all the tasty, hair raising Halloween horror in your candy aisles, and give them a truly sweet and spectacularly spooky Halloween! 
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