Making the Perfect Easter Gift Bag

Making the Perfect Easter Gift Bag

Just like your customers think, at iWholesale Candy we believe having one single candy is just never enough. It takes a variety to satisfy a sweet tooth, and Easter is the one of the best times of year to do just that.

It's important to be creative when selling candy at your store, and to show your customer ideas on how they can do this too. Putting together a few Easter Gift Bags will not only give your customer the idea of what they can also do, but they may even buy the whole gift bag that you've prepared! It's a great marketing idea for selling your candy. Here's how to do it: 

Variety: The sweet spice of life!

We're all created with different tastes, that's what makes the perfect customer. For some, it's all about chocolate, for others, it's mint or maybe licorice. Easter is a celebration of all things 'new' – a time for your customer to experience some of this variety. 

It may be the same candies they've become fond of over the years, or it may be a time to mix it up and try something new. This is where the Easter Gift Bag comes in!

1. Tug at their heart strings: Start with their favourites

iWholesale Candy has the largest variety of favourite candy in bulk for you to choose from, to make a selection for your customers. Some of the favourites may not necessarily be Easter-related, but it will catch their attention! Some of the favourite candies may include Maltesers Chocolate Candy, Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars, and M&M's – their go-to favourites.  

2. Add their favourites – with a twist! 

As such, your customer will then move on to catching the newer versions of their favourites, like these White Chocolate M&M's or the M&M Pretzel Chocolate Candies, or the deliciously tantalizing M&M Crispy Chocolate Candies. 

3. Pops of colour

iWholesale Candy online bulk candy store believes the Perfect Easter Gift Bag should always contain some of the most colourful candy that your customer may not have had in a while. These sweet treats may be Blow Pop Lollipops, Bazooka Candy Ring Pops, or a fun-time Swirl Pop – don't YOU remember having some too? 

4. The little bits of sweet candies

Don't forget to carry the small lose candies your customer can throw in a gift bag that will fill the spaces in between the larger pieces. These items can make the gift bag or goodie bag look full and enticing, like with the traditional Dubble Bubble gum, the Koala Fried Egg Candies – and also have them rip open a bag of Waterbridge Mini Allsorts in there! 

It's important to carry a variety and also to put together some sample bags for your customer to see what this may look like. Not everyone is creative at gift-giving, and Easter is a time when we all love to share in the sweet and exciting time that Easter is all about, so ideas are what will drive your customer to keep coming back to your store for unique ideas!

What kind of items would you like to see in your Easter Gift Bag? Share with your comments below! 

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