Colours Affect Buying Trends

Colours Affect Buying Trends

Colour psychology has been studied for decades. A particular colour can make you feel relaxed, excited, even hungry! At iWholesale Candy, we believe colour is one of the most important aspects of setting up your retail outlet – with colours in mind, not just layout, traffic flow, decorations and seasonal signage.

When a customer walks into a store, they are typically going because they have something already in mind they need: That’s their target. However, we all know that they will almost always walk out with more than one item – either due to a craving they have while in the store, a special sale they’ve seen, or because they thought of someone who would like/need that item. But did you know that a colour display can also make them purchase an item?

The same thing is done with company logos: Red is the most widely used logo for food companies, while yellow and orange can make you feel hungry. As we all know, red is the colour associated with passion, love, romance, emotions… so when the colours red and yellow are combined, we automatically think of HUNGER, food, want! Can you think of a food chain of companies that uses these colours in their logo?

Now is the time to be setting up your candy displays for Valentine’s Day – one of the biggest days for people to buy candies, chocolates, and treats. Studies have shown this buying spree is related to love and romance, of course, but also because of the colours! (Remember, red + feelings of hunger = buying). What better than to order your wholesale candy online now, through ? It’s not too early, and it’s never too late. 

We all know the value of setting up check-out displays and POP’s, correct? This is where the consumer will wait in line (especially now, as line-ups tend to be longer) and realize they need a breath-mind, a stick of gum, or something hardier like a chocolate bar.

Begin displaying red signs, with pink and red bows, balloons, and of course, candy and chocolates nearby. If you must DIY (do it yourself), write your own signs carefully on a red piece of cardboard with black marker, reminding your customer to “Make them feel loved” and buy their special someone a little extra for when they get home. There’s nothing wrong with a little nudge here or there to entice your customer to buy from you – it’s BUSINESS, and iWholesale Candy is here to support your online candy orders as needed.

The makers of Exberry food colouring, GMT, is predicting that red will will be the top food and beverage colour for 2021. “Red epitomizes human vitality, creating energy, passion and positive action,” says Maartje Hendrickx, GNT’s market development manager, adding that red brings excitement to food and drink products. All colours point to red for 2021!

After a challenging year, we could all use a little more excitement, gratification, and of course, love. Choose the following candy bulk items to bring more excitement to this next Valentine’s Day:

Kool-Aid drink mixes:

Remind them of good times past, with a little excitement! It’s a tasty product they’ll truly consider a treat! Plus, look how nice these orange and red-themed packages look! Check out all the Kool-Aid varieties [HERE] 

Hi-Chew Fruit Chews Candy

Take them abroad to something they may never have tasted before and would find exotic, like these fruit chews from Japan! There are over 13 types of flavour and colours to choose from, see them [HERE].


All things ‘new’… orange and RED!

If you’re not dressing up your retail outlet with these new items, you’re missing out on finding a loyal customer that’ll keep coming back because you have "ALL THE COOL NEW STUFF"! Check out all our new candy you must have, [HERE]


All things RED!

Once you decide to dress up in red (the store, that is!) then check out iWholesale Candy’s search feature by colour. Type in RED and voila, you will see the large selection of red candies you can buy online! Try it [HERE].


What do you think about the colour red? Have you focused on selling candy by colour before? Share your comments with us below... unless you're too hungry?

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