Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices

Best Selling Summertime Candy

Summer + Candy = $weet Times!

Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices

Most of your customers probably wait for Summer all year long so they can get outdoors and enjoy some of their favourite activities. A relaxing day poolside, a leisurely evening stroll, or maybe a cottage getaway. 
What else could go better with fun Summertime activities? Candy of course! 
The sun is shining, there is not a snowflake to be found and your customers have waited long enough for those hot summer rays.
Be sure your candy store is Summer ready! Fill your candy aisles with the sweet taste of Summer!
Here are some of our Best Selling Summertime Candy...

Everyone's a Sucker for Lollipops

Lollipops and Suckers-Best Selling Summer Candy

Lollipops are great fun for an adventurous road trip. They'll keep everyone busy and sweetly entertain those excitable kids! They also double as a sweet microphone for all those must sing along with songs! With so many colours, sizes and shapes to choose from there are sure to be favourite for everyone.
Candy Queen
Our sweet selection includes the goodness of some old fashioned lollipops like Tootsie Pop and Sugar Daddy Caramel Suckers. We also have some retro lollipops like the famous Astro Pop, and Charms Blow Pop.
For an extra amazing and eye-catching Lollipop, check out our Alberts Swirl Pops. With their colourful, whimsical swirls, and delicious flavours, your candy store with be ten times sweeter, brighter and most importantly, Summertime ready!

Blow Big Bubbles with Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum-Best Selling Summertime Candy

This season is perfect for enticing your customers with Bubble Gum. It's a sweet treat for those long dog days of summer! Make them feel like a kid again with a pink, mouthwatering, juicy wad of bubblegum! Bubble gum is a staple for every candy aisle.
Dubble Bubble Original Bubble Gum at Wholesale Prices
Entice them with some old fashioned bubble gum like Dubble Bubble. Great for amusing talkative children during those long drives to the beach! Dubble Bubble also makes the perfect choice of gum for a fun Bubble Blowing competition! 
Dubble Bubble Bubblegum-Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices
Summer also means baseball! Impromptu games with friends, or watching it from the stands. We have the most fitting bubble gum for that! Big Leauge Chew Bubble Gum. Choose from our delicious selection of flavours. whichever you choose, it's always a win-win situation with Big League Chew!
For a taste of nostalgia try some of our retro bubble gum. Our Gold Mine Bubble Gum is sure to be a hit with young and old alike. Gold nuggets of pure, juicy yumminess, and guess what? It still comes in that little burlap pouch. Great for collecting those tiny shells in the shore!
Or how about some sour bubble gum?
Cry Baby Bubble Gum-Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices
If your brave and want a rush of sour satisfaction, we recommend the Cry Baby Bubble Gum. You'll just cringe at all the tangy sour delight!
  Fresh bubble gum will make your store a number one Summertime stop! 

Salt Water Taffy is Sweet

Salt Water Taffy-Old Fashioned Candy at Wholesale Prices

If this candy does not induce the joys of Summer, what other candy could?  Stretchy, chewy and so very flavourful. Coming in a large variety of delicious flavours and also a multitude of colours.
Despite its name, there is really no salt water in Salt Water Taffy. This old fashioned candy came out in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the early 1880s, and remains an extremely popular candy choice to this day! 
You don't need to be in Jersey to enjoy it' either!  Salt Water Taffy is a wonderful accompaniment to bring along to the cottage or beach. It would also make a great sweet treat to enjoy at the end of a fun family picnic, barbeque or a summer birthday party!
This melt in your mouth old fashioned candy will have your customers coming back time and time again! Be their summer candy destination with our fresh, and luscious Salt Water Taffy!

Pop Rocks Candy are Popping Fun

Pop Rocks-Best Selling Summertime Candy

Have a blast this Summer with the explosive taste of our Pop Rocks Candy! Your candy section will definitely rock, and your customers will quiver with sweet anticipation!  
This retro candy goes hand in hand with Summer! A fun treat to eat while watching fireworks and a great afternoon pick me up after a long and tiring swim!
Despite the rumour, your stomach will not explode! Just the tastebuds in your mouth! Pop Rocks candy has been around since 1975, and are still a totally amazing, must have candy!
Choose from our wide selection of Pop Rocks, or mix a few mouthfuls from different packs! Whichever way you enjoy them the flavour will cause a delicious burst of intense deliciousness!

The Sweet Genius of Wonka Candy

Willy Wonka Candy-Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices

You'll be sure to keep those candy lovers coming back for more with the delicious fun of Wonka Candy! This retro candy is always a top choice for candy connoisseurs. It's innovative, colourful and as Willy Wonka would say "scrumpdillyicious"! 
Our collection of Wonka Candy includes all the must-have classics like Nerds Candy, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Fun Dip, Bottle Caps, Sweetarts, Laffy Taffy and Runts Candy. Include them all in your candy section for optimum and sweet results!
Be the Candy Store that's on the top of their list with our fabulous Wonka Candy!

Kidsmania Puts the Fun in the Munch

Kidsmania Novelty Candy-Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices

Have a candy section that's not only known for delicious candy but fun! With our collection of Kidsmania Novelty Candy. You'll be able to entertain your customers and fill their sweet tooths also!
Kidsmania Candy is not only a sweet treat but comes in the form of a toy! Filled with amusing fun for endless hours of making great memories with family and friends. Makes a fantastic Summertime candy. Light up the dark while your camping with the Kidsmania Blink Pops, or turn that rainy day at the cottage into a Kidsmania car race. The possibilities are endless and the candy delicious!
Kidsmania is an interactive candy. Very suitable for the Summer season. It's also a good way to keep the kids busy before they start complaining that they're bored on their summer holidays. Amuse them with our wide selection of Kidsmania Candy!

Old Fashioned Rock Candy Sticks

Rock Candy Sticks Retro Candies


Not only is this such a pretty candy to look at, but our Rock Candy tastes great! A very popular Old fashioned Candy that nowadays can be hard to come by. 
Delight your customers as they remember the good old days!
Rock Candy would also be a fantastic extra on a dessert table at a wedding, or shower or add to a candy bar.
Coming in a wide variety of colours and flavours you're sure to find your favourite!

Life Savers Candy are a Hole Lot of Fun

Life Savers Retro Candy-Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices

This old fashioned candy is a classic! Make your store a "hole" Lot of fun for your customers with Life Savers Candy. This well-loved candy is also convenient as it comes in rolls that can easily fit in a pocket. Great for those gruelling Summer activities when you might need a sweet pick me up! 
Just like Summer, Life Saver Candies are succulent and sweet! Help your customers to beat the heat with this famously delicious old fashioned candy!

Bazooka Candy Brands

Bazooka Candy Brands-Retro Candy Canada

Bring the party to your candy section with Bazooka Candy Brands! They are delicious, bright and fun! A great summertime candy brand that is also very amusing!
Ring Pop will make a sweet fashion statement at the beach, and the Push Pop is ideal for travelling, especially the Triple Power Push Pop! Don't forget the Garbage Candy, that's always entertaining!
The Bazooka Candy Brand line of candy is perfect for summer, always fresh, tasty and so very amusing! 

Sweet and Salty Licorice Candy

Licorice Candy-Best Selling Summertime Candy at Wholesale Prices

Licorice Candy is a great addition to every candy aisle! It's a classic old fashioned candy that is loved by all ages!
Licorice is a great choice for summer. It doesn't melt in the sun and is a convenient on the go snack!
For the sophisticated black licorice lover, check out our old fashioned Licorice Babies! Or Good and Plenty, these will bring back some sweet summertime memories!
Our Licorice Laces are delicious and great fun. Tie them in a knot or tie them in a bow but whatever you do, you simply must have them in your candy section!
Licorice Candy is a sweet, old fashioned Summertime favourite!
Help your customers to beat the heat with our Best Selling Summertime Candy!

Fresh Candy Shipped Fast at Wholesale Prices!

Give them some sweet fun in the sun with the freshest selection of the best selling summertime candy at wholesale prices! Your customers deserve it!

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