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Albert's Swirl Pops-48 CT

Large Swirl Pop Lollipops on a Wooden Tree

Add Excitement to your Candy Section!

Add a swirly, sweet Pop of supreme deliciousness and whimsy to your candy store with Albert's Swirl Pops! Coming in an array of exceptional flavours, there are none you won't want to try! A  perfect lollipop for every candy lover around, not only a fantastic tasting lollipop but a feast for your eyes! Comes with a free wooden display for an amazing presentation. Albert's Swirl Pops would also look fantastic on a candy buffet table or to use as decoration at a fun-filled birthday party. These lollipops are as delicious as they look. Give your customers some real eye candy!
3 oz Lollipops | 48 Count with Lollipop Tree

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